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 Should we Trust Large Impersonal and Cold Insurance Companies

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PostSubject: Should we Trust Large Impersonal and Cold Insurance Companies   Tue Sep 01, 2009 8:05 pm

Typical of politics it is becoming increasingly apparent that large insurance companies continue to have gigantic profits and need to be more accountable to the public.

In fact, the League of Municipalities is one of the largest insurance companies for cities in the State of Minnesota and they continue to give advise that is anti-rural and pro-city. In fact, some of their brochures discuss how a community can make decisions which in essence destroy small towns. This particular insurance company promotes big cities at the costs of rural Minnesota. Should we be depending on insurance companies that have little educational experience in rural development?

This is predictable as population becomes politically more important, landowners are left holding the bag. Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin Thomas Payne and other founding forefathers understood the need to balance the needs of the masses and the needs of landowner. It is time for this big insurance companies to be held accountable for promulgating policies that are anti-rural.

In small towns we are not numbers. We are people. Claims adjustors used to treating people like numbers develop a callous attitude that is inexcusable, especially the older adjustors.

Old and calloused adjustors fail to realize that in these small towns there are limited jobs and limited medical facilities.

The following brochure is evidence that the League wants small towns to accept their destiny instead of working to solve the problems of loss of population. What would you expect, most of their money comes from big cities? http://www.lmc.org/page/1/population-shifts.jsp

We should not trust insurance companies who lack compassion and are supported by large populations.

The difference between big government and big insurance companies is that we cannot vote for the CEO of an insurance government.

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PostSubject: Re: Should we Trust Large Impersonal and Cold Insurance Companies   Tue Sep 01, 2009 9:09 pm

What a profound statement, especially since I have had first hand experiences with this company. I have found the League of Minnesota Cities to be unfeeling for the injured party, namely myself. To think that this company has so much control over what happens to someone who has been injured on the job, which has been my experience with them. The bottom line with them has been the almighty buck. I understand that that is how insurance companies work. That if they spend too much of their assets they cease to exist, but where is the feeling of our city when they allow this company to be so unfeeling toward the people that have worked so hard for the city and then just to be flung to the side as if their hard work has meant nothing. The clains adjustor has been given the power to help or to harm. The doctors reccomendations to help the patient has been put on the back burner and replaced by just a person sitting in a desk with absolutely no medical experience. This person making all the medical decisions on behalf of the injured party. Is this what we want? Someone with no medical experience making medical decisions?

Now is the time to step in and stand up for our rights and say we are the people that have made a difference in this community by our work, our actions, our deeds. We can't just be flung to the side like trash, discarded as if your contribution to the city has menat nothing.

I was injured on the job 2 years ago, and because of that injury I was thrown to the side as if my 12 years in that facility meant nothing. The League of Minnesota Cities, which is the workmans compensation insurance company for the city, made sure the company I worked for discarded me so the money compensation would be minimal. Something that as am employee you never think would happen to you. You always think that your employer would take care of you if you are injured on the job, but that is not the case as I have found out. If you are injured on the job you become a big liability, someone they need to get rid of so their statistics look good. If you are no longer in their employ then their workmans compenstation injuries are lessened and that means a great deal to the Board that deals with the facility.

The company I worked for is one of the biggest employers in the city of Ortonville. Trying to find a job that is any where near the field I was trained in or the pay I was getting is vertually impossible in our area when you remove one of the biggest employers in the area. When you combine these two big conglomerates,the injured part (me) is just a little bug that gets pushed further and further down until there is nothing left.

Where is the compassion? There isn't any.
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Should we Trust Large Impersonal and Cold Insurance Companies
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