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 What Should We Be Looking for in this Election?

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PostSubject: What Should We Be Looking for in this Election?   Mon Sep 14, 2009 8:11 pm

Numerous people have asked me who I support or who I am voting for in the upcoming election. I pointed out that I do not reside in Ortonville, but I can offer some advice.

The leadership in this community needs to move in a new direction. This new direction includes a doing away with cronyism, arbitrary decisions and a lack of respect to all who appear in front of the council. The people who will put this at the top will earn the support of its citizenry.

In terms of Mayor, the current administration is awestruck by the current city clerk, who continues to increase the costs of essential services, failed to meet deadlines by refusing to produce public documents or created such a delay that obtaining the documents was almost futile and most importantly has failed to make an honest effort to move to Ortonville.

If this Mayor wants the support of its citizenry he will have to take a stance on the city clerk issue.

The existing mayor will also need to quit forming preconceived notions about issues before both sides are heard. In my last appearance, the mayor was just rude, interrupting me numerous times and then acting like he was late for a card game. He would serve the public better by taking some courses in how to conduct a meeting.

This is also true of Mr. Powell who had some listening issues. He went on a tangent about my client being sly to avoid the ordinance when in fact my client attempted to comply but misunderstood what was said. It is important to understand facts and law.

In terms of the choices. We need to define the changes we stand for. If we stand for the same thing as the above, why vote?

It is the challenger that needs to advocate for change. This area needs to start cooperating with other communities and we need to change towards this direction.

Attitude in treating others appropriately is needed and most importantly we need to stop appointing others merely because they know somebody in city hall. We need to pick the best.

Only in picking the most qualified does this community and others around it have the best opportunity to overcome the next few years of unknown adversity.
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What Should We Be Looking for in this Election?
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