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 What Should We Expect at the Debate?

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PostSubject: What Should We Expect at the Debate?   Sun Oct 18, 2009 9:07 pm

We should all be excited, we finally get an opportunity to see the candidates and hear their views on important topics. Or do we?

This is what we know here at the Forums about the upcoming debate. It is supported by and sponsored by the supporters of the incumbents. Or is it?

This is what we know. Paul Zahn from the Milbank radio station will be the moderator. Paul is a long time friend of both the Mayoral candidates. He played softball against Blair Johnson and played on the same team as Dave Dinnel. He had to suffer with the behind the plate calls of Mel Reinke. The other candidates all should know Paul and I think Paul will make every effort to be even-handed.

Julie French and Sue Kaercher have long been avid supporters of Mr. Johnson. Both have failed to report or incorrectly reported important information to the public. For instance, neither reported that Blair Johnson had been scolded by his board for improper conduct on the Eahtonka. In fact, both news bureaus reported that the Eahtonka was legal when in fact multiple violations were found and even the funding of the Eahtonka was found to be illegal. The Minnesota Department of Commerce issued a Cease and Desist Order. It is well known that the Kaercher’s have used Blair Johnson as their accountant. Probably more deplorable were actions taken against Dinnel a few years ago that most of us found deplorable. Front page articles that were at best tasteless. It will be interesting to see if Ms. Kaercher can pretend to be neutral. I suspect it will be Mr. Dinnel that will take the high road.

Mr. Rick Ash is also a moderator. This is another interesting selection. Although I do not think that he is a city employee, he is most certainly like Ms. Kaercher dependent on city dollars for his job. Although I have little dealings with Mr. Ash perhaps his bias can be seen by his recent actions of being one of the first on the Twitter site of Ms. Oakes.

What appears to be missing is someone real objective and neutral asking the question. This means will the real tough questions be asked or will they questions be empty and meaningless.

For instance, questions about Dave Lang’s residency should be asked. Who will ask this question? Someone from the radio and newspapers that have never reported this inaction and are the official site of the city?

How will the questions be asked about the golf course? Will it be how do you believe the budget should be balanced at the golf course? Or, do you support the golf course?

The police department issue. Will Ms. Kaercher ask, do you support law enforcement? Or will the important question be asked? Do you support the dismantling of the Ortonville Police Department as directed by Mr. Lang and Blair Johnson? By the way, everyone of you should go to the police station and see how this department has been dismantled by Mr. Lang? Ms. Oakes has better support staff and better equipment than the entire police department?

I suspect when this debate is over the people really being judged will be the people asking the questions.
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PostSubject: Re: What Should We Expect at the Debate?   Mon Oct 19, 2009 12:19 am

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PostSubject: What questions will be asked at the debate?   Wed Oct 21, 2009 10:37 pm

I am curious as to what questions will be asked at the debate. Have they given the candidates the questions in advance so they can prepare their answer or will it be like a "pop" quiz? It would be better to give the candidates the questions in advance so that they have time to have a proper answer. It is not like the mayor or the the council are under any requirement to have to make quick decisions. For the most part in their job they will have time to think and gather information to make decisions.

Some of the questions should be in the area of the budget.

How will they balance the budget?
Will they bring the golf course into the black? Will they sell the golf course? If they do decide to make the golf course profitable they should give a timeline for when that will be done. Not just some "Oh, we'll raise the fees."

Why doesn't the city put the ambulance under the jurisdiction of the hospital?
It is operating in the red. Why doesn't the city put the ambulance under the jurisdiction of the Hospital. The hospital is owned by the city and is operating in the black. Why doesn't the city put the ambulance under the hospital? The city council has brought this up before and never did anything about it. Why? What reason does the mayor and city council members have to continue to operate the ambulance at a loss of about $30,000 when the hospital can run it and it will be no financial cost to the city.

Do the candidates support the Ortonville Police Department or do they want to close it?
For over ten years the city council has tried to eliminate the police department. Will the new candidates bring it up again?

What will the candidates do about City Clerk/Administrator David Lang not doing his job and not moving to the City of Ortonville and costing the taxpayers money paying for his gas to and from his home?
David Lang has not done his job in that he has on numerous occassions made inaccurate city council minutes and has used his position to interfere with the free press.


Our citizens may be deceived for awhile, and have been deceived;
but as long as the presses can be protected,
we may trust to them for light.
- Thomas Jefferson
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PostSubject: Re: What Should We Expect at the Debate?   

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What Should We Expect at the Debate?
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