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 Blair Johnson and the Conflict of Interest

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PostSubject: Blair Johnson and the Conflict of Interest   Fri Oct 30, 2009 7:34 am

I could not help but notice the mayor's and David Lang's attempt to suade the voters with the new playgorund hearing and the TIF Hearing.

However Mr. Lang and Mr. Johnson promote bad government to reach their goals. Although I generally promote the new playground the way we got there was deplorable. A city clerk and a mayor not having the votes and having two meetings is just plain flat bad government. A newspaper report saying that the missing councilmen was in favor. How couldn't the mayor not know he was short a vote. The newspaper did.

What is worse, is that now the Mayor and city clerk have called a special meeting for the TIF Program. Guess who's name appears as one of the benefactors? You got it, Blair Johnson. It is correct that Blair disclosed this conflict of interest at the meeting to make it legal, but the issue is, as Blair Johnson scratches the back of Dave Lang, Dave Lang reciprocates by making sure the Mayor benefits from EDA.

Yes, the mayor has a financial interest to make sure EDA continues to prosper.

Long before this conflict of interest arose I propounded that " we need men of vision in our government, a vision that is unselfish and not self serving."

What we have here is the opposite. We have a mayor who has a financial interests in making sure EDA works for him.

Let me see? EDA that makes me money or a police department? This mayor is more in favor of EDA because he can obtain an economic benefit.

Another bad example of government.
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PostSubject: Blair Johnson & David Lang, two peas in a pod.   Mon Nov 02, 2009 3:12 pm

People do have lives. I appreciate the dedication of the council members but emphasize with them if they continually have to come in for special meetings. It does take time. Mr. Lang can come in to work anytime during the morning or afternoon and his boss Blair Johnson doesn't seem to have a problem with that. Even his office help is not kept informed of when he will be in on many occasions. scratchIs it David Lang's job?

Since the City Clerk sets his own schedule does he think that the world revolves around him and everyone else can just adjust to the city clerks schedule? Never once in my experiences with Mr. Lang did he ever ask me if the dates he suggested were inconvenient. Not that it mattered because often even when he set an appointment for me he still didn't show up. When I sent in a complaint to his boss Blair Johnson there was no reply. Blair Johnson has stated in the debate/forum held last month, that he supports David Lang as City Clerk/Administrator. hug See Mayoral debate/forum.

I sent in a complaint to Mayor Blair Johnson last August and have not heard a word from him. Why? Did David Lang give the complaint to Mayor Blair Johnson? One has to wonder at the behavior of two people who appear to hold each other up. One has to wonder at the audacity of Mayor Blair Johnson who will state that there is no problem with the City Clerk when it has been brought to the attention of the Mayor repeatedly that the City Clerk is not forthcoming with the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Statements of the EDA from the public. They are like two peas in a pod. handshake


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Blair Johnson and the Conflict of Interest
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