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 Compact light bulbs cannot be thrown in the trash.

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PostSubject: Compact light bulbs cannot be thrown in the trash.   Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:50 am

Over the past few years there has been and increase in the use of compact fluorescent bulbs. The bulb contains mercury and there are EPA rules that define how the bulb is to be disposed of when it burns out or when it breaks. The package does not identify those specific rules and below is the weblink to the EDA regarding those bulbs.

What never to do with a mercury spill.

It is a confusing site because the first thing it says not to do is to use a vacuum cleaner. Under the heading where it tells you what to do it states you can use a vacuum when all the "visible" material is moved. Vacuuming mercury will put mercury into the air and increase exposure.

To dispose of the light bulb it is necessary to put it in plastic before you throw it out. The bulbs may not be thrown out in the trash. Waste Management will not take them. You must take them to the courthouse on the main floor to the environmental office. They will take them for a .40 cent fee. Or Home Depot will take them at no charge.

Some other sites that are contrary in opinion are below:

Incandescent wattage, not CFL wattage

The Dangers of CFL's

The Dark Side of Light Bulbs

Warning: Vacate room when bulb breaks

Shinning a light on hazards

Mercury leaks found
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Compact light bulbs cannot be thrown in the trash.
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