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 First They Wrote, Then They Led - Flushing Out the Courageous

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PostSubject: First They Wrote, Then They Led - Flushing Out the Courageous   Wed Nov 04, 2009 1:18 pm

When the polls closed and the results were known last night, I witnessed another lesson of our founding fathers and just what it took to bring them together. We all know of the Continental Congress, but they got there because most of them wrote -- papers, brochures, pamphlets -- what we would call columns or, electronically, blogs or forums.
Jefferson, Adams, Payne, Franklin and others, wrote and spread their words for years before the tiny flicker of the freedom flame was lit and eventually became our torch.
Their writings and their exchanges with fellow continentals were like this forum. And it was in the danger of exercising open speech (it was not yet free at that time) that their courage was forged for the sacrifices and struggles ahead.
They grew from outspoken to brave, to courageous, to LEADERS -- and while British military plowed through Washington's troops from New York to within a mere 300 miles of Philadelphia in pursuit of these men, they signed the Declaration and our great experiment began.
It all started when they bravely spoke truth and kept speaking and writing.
Ladyhawk and Mouthpiece, I salute you and I am in awe of you. Keep up the good work. Hold the torch high. People are listening, and doing their part.
Angdoren, your pledge to the people this morning in another thread is one of the finest a public servant can make. May you always be aware of the support and have the courage to make good on it, not matter the seeming cost.
Ladyhawk and Mouthpiece have not done their part without sacrifice and pain -- but their purpose kept them going...Ladyhawk told me when I asked her once why she kept on despite the grief she was getting, "I'm doing this for the people who live in Ortonville. They just need to unite and I'm trying to show them how they can."
What a dreamer.
What dreamers those founding fathers were.......
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First They Wrote, Then They Led - Flushing Out the Courageous
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