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 Gifts with more love than $$$$.

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joelie hicks
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PostSubject: Gifts with more love than $$$$.   Sat Nov 07, 2009 2:31 pm

This is a good time of year to think about such things. Although gifts do not have to be given at Christmas. Make a list of your favorite people and give them a gift sometime during the year.
I just finished making some soup, soup is a great gift.
Put a little olive oil in a stainless steel pan.
Cut up some onions, 1 or 2. sautee a couple of minutes.
Add a couple of cloves of garlic if you like, don't worry, it will not be garlicky.
Then you get creative, peas, green beans, cabbage, corn, carrots, celery, squash, potatoes... whatever.
Sautee these too. They will have more flavor. When they are tender, add tomatoes if you like them.
If you like, add meat, you can use leftovers from roasts, chicken or pork chops etc.
I like to cook the giant shells and add them, or little ones, or alphabet pasta.
Add water or broth to make it as thick as you want. (When you cook a whole chicken, toss the left over carcass in some water w/celery, onion and carrot for a nice broth. Freeze for when you make soup).
You can do the same thing only make it potato based, put about half in your blender w/ milk or broth for the cream base.
Put it in a jar that will freeze, stick it in the freezer til needed.
With a loaf of homemade bread, a bag of salad, and some cheese and if you like some cookies for dessert, it is a nice thing for a person who is busy or does not care to cook.
Also little meatloaves and twice baked potatoes. Pumpkin or squash bread, squash is a bargain right now.
You can also mix up some cookie dough, make your individual cookies, wrap them up so they do not dry out, put them in a tin or box w/baking instructions.
On a completely different note, once a friend of mine and I wrote some mutual friends a romance novel, with them as the hero and heroine. It doesn't have to be great writing, but if you fill it with things you know about the people and little in-jokes etc, you can let your imagination run crazy. Have a friend draw a picture that is typical 'romance'. I think you could do the same thing w/an adventure, sci-fi, western...whatever genre you care to tackle.
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Gifts with more love than $$$$.
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