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 Grant County Commissioners, Did They Miss the Ship

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PostSubject: Grant County Commissioners, Did They Miss the Ship   Mon Dec 07, 2009 6:13 pm

The Grant County Commissioners missed a golden opportunity to resolve the setbacks for CAFO's and instead took a path that will cause greater polarization between the sides.

CAFO's have created enormous controversy almost wherever they go and last week the Grant County Commissioners could have at least created a task force to resolve the issue, but instead attempted to shove thier positions down the throats of the Grant County Concerned Citizens.

Now this group is moving forward in an attempt to create responsible government. Looks to me like a wrote before.

Are the Grant County Commissioners going to create good government or ? ? ?

The obviously went down the wrong path. It is time to make the Commissioners responsible for bad decisions.

I would encourage all citizens to sign the Petition. It is a Petition for good government.
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Grant County Commissioners, Did They Miss the Ship
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