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 Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

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PostSubject: Do You Know Where Your Children Are?   Sun Dec 13, 2009 10:25 pm

The last few months I have had an opportunity to spend time with educators who spend time with your children.

My respect and admiration to educators who continue to try to develop men and women in debate and forensics.

There are many weekends these educators take these kids to events to compete against other communities.

One very simple observation is too watch how much improvement is made from week to week. These kids were scared in their first competition of the year. Each weekend shows significant improvements. Improvement in just being able to get up and speak.

I am very proud of the kids involved and respect those who spend time with those kids.
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joelie hicks
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PostSubject: Re: Do You Know Where Your Children Are?   Mon Dec 14, 2009 6:43 am

i always encouraged my kids to take at least a year of debate. Four of my six did so, one of the two who did not, wished she had. Debate teaches you to think clearly, define your opinion, be able to put it forth clearly, and helps you to think on your feet. It shows you the way to do this is to be well prepared for any eventuallity. Debate also helps you look at a position from all sides.
I have watched a few high school debates and consider it the best kept secret around as far as being thrilling to watch. Somehow the activity slipped by me in high school, a lot of stuff slipped by me in high school, all i wanted to do was draw Smile.
I too have great respect for those who have put their heart and soul into helping students develop a skill that will help them throughout life.
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Do You Know Where Your Children Are?
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