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 The Christmas Spirit and 2010

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PostSubject: The Christmas Spirit and 2010   Sat Dec 19, 2009 10:31 am

A close examination of the year 2009 reminds us that we must become more open-minded and more goal oriented. We need the Christmas spirit year around. One of listening and responding with an open heart and an open mind.

I remember when this site was created there was a criticism that we were too critical. These critics were in control and only wanted good things said about the communities. I hope that these critics will now heed their own advice and only say good things about the new Mayor and the new council.

Do I realy believe that? No! The point is that these critics will now be the one voicing their opposition. It is ironic that when we are in control we should not be criticized; however, when we are not in control we have the right to say bad things.

This site will continue to give both sides to the issue and we will make every effort to have an open mind.

This site has an obligation to make government better by making it accountable. The City Adminsitrators last ditch attempt to have a lame duck council make future decisions is an indication of the man. The man who has problems knowing how many miles it is from Clarkfield to Ortonville is making decisions about the budget. Is this in the best interest of Ortonville?

An EDA that apparently has problem keeping track of his director now wants to run the lead in multi-million dollars housing decisions. If they can't keep minutes of the most important meeting of the year what makes the citizens believe they can manage multi-million dollar projects?

The mayor and the council need to make decisions about who they want to lead this community. A city clerk who has a history of making poor decisions or do we start with a new city clerk?

The direction of EDA was at the helm of the existing clerk. Can Ms. Oakes be a leader when she has taken people and this forum in the back and has had ample opportunity to have minutes telling how she obtained her position?

These are two important positions that have been heading in the wrong direction. It is time for a change. The issue is do we need a change of people running these positions?

I believe in honesty and openness in government. Frankly, I believe that the actions of these two people speak for themselves and I doubt they will be listening to the majority of the voters.

I think the mayor and the council need changes in these two positions. That is what the voters want and the elected officials need to make this change.
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The Christmas Spirit and 2010
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