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PostSubject: Wikipedia and the Forums   Wikipedia and the Forums Icon_minitimeSun Dec 27, 2009 5:25 pm

Last week I heard a speech from a high school student that persuaded me that Wikipedia was a better source of information because it was always changing and the speech claimed that if the information was inaccurate a new public member could correct the error.

Then I thought that is what this Forum is all about. It ends the ability of inaccurate gossip because people can correct the wrong.

It challenged those who believe that only they have the right information. Time and time again I see how the few controlled the many. Gossip, Gossip and more gossip.

I then called Computerwhiz who said this was done by design.

How can a local radio station twist the facts? They can't! How does the newspaper give a slant? They can't!

The twists and the slants are easily exposed on this site.

Computerwhiz was right. This site allows both sides and all sides.

Then I read the thread about the roads and it is quickly apparent that we appreciate the writers who have straightened and corrected the facts, or the writers that just verify facts in a different direction.

Thanks for your support. Credibility and ethos is what makes success.
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Wikipedia and the Forums
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