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 My Past Comes Back

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PostSubject: My Past Comes Back   My Past Comes Back Icon_minitimeWed Jan 13, 2010 8:13 am

Yesterday I had a visit from a farm family that I had got to known over 20 years ago. He came in and wanted to show me his pictures from his trip to Germany. Life had changed for him as his wife had passed away and he described how much she meant to him there were tears flowing from his eyes.

He showed me the Church where Martin Luther wrote some of his thesis. He showed me the structure of the castles and talked about the food in Germany. Then a special place in his heart was his visit to a farm in Germany. The pictures of tractors, and tractors and more tractors. He was so proud to go back to his home land.

Then he said he wanted to show me the pictures of his farm. When he opened the book it was pictures of his farm with some type of celebration. I asked what celebration it was, he said. "that is why I am showing you these pictures." These are pictures of the 125th anniversary the farm had been in the family and then thanked me for making this event be a reality.

He showed me more pictures and letters from his mother and grandmother. He was proud of his family as he well should be.

I remember the days when many of family farmers thought they would lose their farm as we worked hard at holding it together. I was reminded that the practice of law is a god given responsibility to serve. I was often times paid with a side of beef or chickens but my kinship to many of farm families has not been forgotten.

These are hard working people with strong Christian beliefs and I was and I am proud to represeent them.

My past was made me appreciate what I have today. A lot of friendships with a lot of very good people.
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My Past Comes Back
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