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 Where Is The Ortonville Agenda For The Meeting Tuesday

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PostSubject: Where Is The Ortonville Agenda For The Meeting Tuesday   Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:38 am

One couldn't help but notice that the agenda for the meeting on Tuesday have not been forwarded to this site. Perhaps they got lost between Ortonville and Clarkfield.
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PostSubject: Why does Mr. Lang not post Ambulance Board and Interview meetings?   Sat Jan 16, 2010 9:54 am

After reading the above post I did some checking. Below is a list of notices we received from Ortonville Administrator David Lang.

Date Recd_for_Mtg Date__Days notice_Agenda Recd_What meeting

10/30/09____11/02/09___3 days ____TIF Public Hearing
11/03/09____11/09/09___6 days__A__City Council Mtg
11/10/09____11/13/09___3 days_____Infrastructure
11/13/09____11/16/09___3 days__A__City Council, P&Z Workshop, Wellhead, P&Z Meeting
11/19/09____12/07/09___18 days____Public Hearing Notice Vacate Dakota Ave
11/19/09____11/23/09___4 days_____EDA Special Meeting Notice
11/25/09____11/30/09___5 days_____Ortonville/Big Stone City Water Board Meeting
12/04/09____12/07/09___3 days_***_Public Hearing on Property Taxes
12/11/09____12/14/09___3 days__A__Ortonville City Council/EDA Workshop
12/31/09____01/04/10___4 days__A__Ortonville City Council Mtg
01/06/10____01/13/10___7 days_____Ortonville City Council Planning Workshop
01/06/10____01/19/10___13 days_#__Interview Attorneys/Ortonville City Council Mtg.

*** This meeting was about taxes and the public is only given three days notice? The notice was email on a Friday and the meeting was on Monday. If Mr. Lang treats all media the same then that means that either the local paper didn't print the notice or it did print the notice but people don't get their papers until Tuesday. Which would have been after the meeting took place. The law requires notices be posted at the city office. Evidently Mr. Lang thinks that is all he has to do and the media be.....whatever. It is ridiculous to think that people should come into the city office everyday to see what Mr. Lang has put up for notices. He puts out a notice to the media on a Friday afternoon when everyone is busy getting ready for the weekend?

# This meeting was for interviewing applicants. Mr. Lang has also posted notice before that interviews were to be given applicants for official positons. That makes one question why Mr. Lang did not give notice when the Ambulance Board interviewed its only applicant? Click here to see minutes of Ambulance Board meeting. Why didn't Mr. Lang post the interview of the Ambulance Board Director? While we are on that subject...why has Mr. Lang never posted the notice of the Ambulance Board? To my knowledge the Ambulance Board has never had a notice posted in the city office. Why does the Ambulance Board operate in secret?


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but as long as the presses can be protected,
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PostSubject: Ortonville Agenda is Already Posted   Mon Jan 18, 2010 1:11 pm

The Agenda's for these meetings has already been posted.
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PostSubject: Re: Where Is The Ortonville Agenda For The Meeting Tuesday   

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Where Is The Ortonville Agenda For The Meeting Tuesday
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