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 The EDA, How Do You Respect Entities That Are So Self Serving?

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PostSubject: The EDA, How Do You Respect Entities That Are So Self Serving?   Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:01 pm

We have to make government better and more open without excuses. Tonight I went on the EDA website and discovered they have called a special meeting (workshop) without notifying us at the Forums.

There is no doubt that the we did not receive notice. The question will be whether there will be a quorum present and whether they will take any action.

Perhaps Ms. Oakes was spending too much time on real estate transactions and forgot to notify us.

Do we have to send a special notice to every committee in the city?

By the way, the real estate transaction was with me. Ms. Oakes put on another hat and was acting as a real estate broker, by inquiring who was interested in some land I own.

A munber of months ago Burt Nypen inquired. I have no respect for either of you.

You thought I would give an honest answer to an entity that has lost all credibility with the voters, myself included.

I am sick of this group and they are an example of bad government.

By the way Vicki, next time have a licensed realtor call. They need the business. You compete with the Forums and now you are trying to take business away from Licensed real estate agents.
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The EDA, How Do You Respect Entities That Are So Self Serving?
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