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 Growing evidence against the claims of industrial agriculture

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joelie hicks
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PostSubject: Growing evidence against the claims of industrial agriculture   Fri Aug 27, 2010 7:58 am

Amid the sea of conventional farm magazines (which i do read) I look forward to two publications. The Land Stewardship Project Newsletter and Acres/USA. Both were waiting for me when I arrived home from vacation. While they are always a treat, these two issues were especially rich in information.
The LSP had a great article on the myth of Roundup herbacide being safe, quoting from a Purdue professor of plant pathology in an article from The No Till Farmer, with a link to more info.
Also the article on A Hidden Handout for Factory Farms, another on supporting strengthening livestock rules, an article about a young couple from the Farm Beginnings program who have started to farm in MN with their in-laws, an older couple with a very successful small dairy (36 cows). Another article on the Twin Brooks Farmer's Market, one about a U of Mn professor who has changed his mind that large dairy herds are more economically viable than small herds and finally an article on Manure, Taxes and Wrecked Roads, who really does have to pay for extensive damage done to roads by the industrial farm places.
Acres/USA is great as always, the highlight being about eco-ag feeding the world.
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Growing evidence against the claims of industrial agriculture
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