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 Ortonville City Council Agenda September

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PostSubject: Ortonville City Council Agenda September    Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:42 pm

Library Media Center
412 2nd Street NW, Ortonville, MN
Tuesday September 7, 2010
7:00 P.M.
The City Council is provided background information for agenda items in advance by City staff and appointed commissions, committees and boards. Decisions are based on this information, as well as City policy and practices, input from constituents and a Council Member’s personal judgment. If you have comments, questions or information that has not been presented or discussed regarding an agenda item, please stand up to be recognized by the Mayor during the “Public Participation and Correspondence” item on the agenda. Please state your name and address for the record.

1. Call to Order

2. Call of Roll

3. Agenda Amendments

4. Public Participation and Correspondence
Members of the public are not allowed to participate in council discussion and debate without formal recognition by the presiding officer. Members of the Public shall not applaud, engage in conversation, or in other behavior through words or actions that may disrupt the proceedings of the council. Speakers are limited to 3 minutes for comment and when multiple speakers appear to speak on the same topic the presiding officer may request speakers to appoint a spokesperson. All matters will be referred to staff for further research.

5. Consent Agenda
*All items marked with an asterisk (*) are considered to be routine by the City Council and will be acted upon by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless the Mayor or any Council Member or citizen so requests, in which case the item will be removed from the General Order of Business and considered in its normal sequence on the agenda. The agenda items in bold print need to be acted upon by Council.

6. Approval of Minutes
a. *Approve Minutes of City Regular Meeting 08-16-10

7. Public Hearings

8. Acknowledgment of Receipt Board/Commission/Committee Minutes
a. Board of Appeal/Planning Commission Minutes 08-02-10
1. Approve Plat Combining Lot Two of Outlot 180, Lot Two of Outlot 122 and Lot One of Outlot 122 into one Parcel, Outlot 187
b. Community Center Board Minutes-09-01-10
1. Approve Quote for Painting Interior of Community Center
c. Police Commission Minutes-09-01-10

9. Board/Commission/Committee Reports

10. Staff Reports
a. Clerk-Administrator Char Grossman-Missouri River Energy Services Meeting-08-31-10
b. Clerk-Administrator Char Grossman-Utility Rate Study-Set Date for Workshop

11. New Business
a. *Approve 2010-11 Safety Management Program Contract-MN Municipal Utilities Association-$6,704.32/Year
b. *Approve Hiring Nicole Gulley and Nicholas Tessman NREMT-Bs and Change Status of Robin Johnson from 1st Responder to NREMT-B
c. Steve Barr Property by Monarch Heights-Trade or Sell
d. Approve Proposed 2010 City Budget-$2,085,430.00
e. Approve Proposed 2009 Tax Levy, Collectible in 2010-$621,314.00
f. Set 2010 Truth in Taxation Hearing Date-12-06-10-7:00 P. M.
g. Approve Return of Escrow to Midcontinent Communications

12. Unfinished Business

13. Consideration of Bills
a. Approve Expenditures

14. Executive Session

15. Adjournment

Additional Information
• Letter to City of Browns Valley regarding Potential Closure of Mn/DOT Truck Station in Wheaton
• Statement of Reserves & Cash Accounts-07-31-10
• Letter to Pioneerland Library System
• League Publication-Federal Medicaid Assistance Funding
• Municipal Utilities Reward to Recycle Old Appliances Program

This Agenda was posted for public review in the office of the Clerk Administrator on September 2, 2010.

_______________________ ______________________
Clerk-Administrator Date

Please contact the office of the City Clerk/Administrator (839-3428) if auxiliary aids or services are required to attend the meeting (ten hours notice is required).
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Ortonville City Council Agenda September
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