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 The Kristi Noem-Stephanie Herseth Sandlin Race

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PostSubject: Re: The Kristi Noem-Stephanie Herseth Sandlin Race   Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:22 pm

The Rush Limbaugh Show
October 19, 2010
Here's the headline from Politico: "Poll Finds DC Elites Tepid to Tea Party." That's one headline. There is another story here about how the Republican House leaders seek to avoid the mistakes of 1994, claiming that people are going to have to realize that Republicans may have to compromise with Democrats in tackling broader problems.
They seem to think that the Tea Party is gonna end on November 2nd.
These ruling elites are only going to get the message if it's a tsunami. A hurricane is not gonna cut it on Election Day.
They're not ready to roll up their sleeves and work. A lot of you are thinking these Republicans have, you know, 30-day plan, 60-day plan, 90-day plan what they're going to do, every day they muscle it up. No. It really, beyond the Pledge there is no day-to-day plan of action.


September 17th, 2010
Pat Buchanan
The GOP establishment of today looked like nothing so much as the Rockefeller Republican establishment of yesteryear.

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PostSubject: Re: The Kristi Noem-Stephanie Herseth Sandlin Race   Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:30 pm


Tea Party Rallies Around Kristi Noem
October 8, 2010, Sioux Falls – South Dakota Tea Party groups are rallying around their endorsed candidate Kristi Noem with a late election push in South Dakota’s House race.
Earlier this year, Rapid City Tea Party Group Citizens for Liberty endorsed Noem for Congress. Throughout the campaign, Noem has appeared at numerous Tea Party rallies and meetings across the state.
In October, controversial musician Ted Nugent is appearing at a Tea Party rally in Rapid City, followed by a book promotion tour appearance by Glenn Beck, also in Rapid City.
And according to Tea Party leaders, there are also plans in place for an event with Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and Kristi Noem. The Rapid City Journal reported this week that Tea Party leader Barb Lindberg is inviting former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachman to appear with Noem for a future rally.
“South Dakotans don’t need controversial national Tea Party celebrities to come to our state as part of their book tour to tell us how to vote,” said Betsy Hart, Deputy Campaign Manager for Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. “We need real solutions and real ideas that are based on what’s best for South Dakota – not what’s best for a national partisan agenda.”

Noem Agrees with Glenn Beck: Evolution is Ridiculous
(October 24, 2010)-“Kristi Noem says she agrees with (Glenn) Beck's analysis" reports the British newspaper The Daily Mail in a profile today.
By this point, we all know Beck's extreme take on America. It's the same fringe analysis that says public education is against America's core values and wants to abolish the Department of Education.
It's the same analysis that calls evolution "ridiculous," equates life-saving stem cell research to eugenics, and concludes that the Federal Reserve - not Wall Street excess - is the cause of our financial crisis.
And Kristi Noem agrees, alright. "'His overall concept… is right,' she says."
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PostSubject: Re: The Kristi Noem-Stephanie Herseth Sandlin Race   Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:53 pm

October 27, 2010
Democrat election fraud openly running rampant
By Sher Zieve
Arizona and Colorado are reporting massive voter fraud perpetrated by the Marxist groups Mi Familia Vota and One Vote Arizona.
Voting machines in Nevada are being reported for automatically checking Harry Reid's name.
Oh and by the way, guess who is the official technical organization for the voting machines. Why, it's Obama's bought and paid for SEIU!
With even members of the now Marxist-run Congress illegally and openly intimidating voters, this is worse than it has ever been. Myriad other reports of early voting fraud are coming in from across the country.
Again folks — and I cannot stress this enough — We-the-People MUST vote in unprecedented numbers in order to counter the all-out attack now being waged against us by Dictator-in-Chief Obama's government. Our would-be slave masters are proving the point — beyond any and all doubt or question — that they WILL do anything and strop at nothing to stay in power in order to bleed every last drop of resources, blood, freedoms and liberty from us. It's now or never.


Has the Judiciary Destroyed the Constitution?
By Barbara Ketay, President, United States Bar Association and Co-Founder of United States Patriots Union
This question lead me on an incredible journey of 250 hours research and review of 100 plus cases, reading and review of five books, i.e. A Matter of Interpretation: Federal Courts and the Law, Justice Antonin Scalia; The Supremacists: The Tyranny of Judges and How to Stop It, Phyllis Schlafly; God Betrayed: Separation of Church and State: The Biblical Principles and the American Application, Jerald Finney; Men In Black: How the Supreme Court Is Destroying America, Mark R. Levin, and, The Constitution in Exile: How the Federal Government Has Seized Power by Rewriting the Supreme Law of the Land, Judge Andrew Napolitano.
Yes, the judiciary has destroyed the Constitution.

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PostSubject: Re: The Kristi Noem-Stephanie Herseth Sandlin Race   Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:14 pm

July 29, 2010
Pelosi: Cap and Trade Could Pass in Lame Duck
Congressional leaders have said recently that there’s no ‘secret plan’ to pass controversial measures during a lame duck session. Indeed: it’s not a secret at all; they talk about it everywhere.


Cap-and-trade is more of a threat now than ever, thanks to the November-December lame-duck session of Congress.


In the nearly two months between the election and the date the current incumbents leave office, those incumbents, many of the Democrats, can and will do enormous damage.


In case you haven’t seen the news lately, Democrats and President Obama are promising to make the most of a so-called “lame duck” session after the November elections – but before the newly elected members of congress are seated in January. This is seen as a window of opportunity by liberals to ram through unpopular legislation since the voters won’t be back to hold them accountable for at least 2 years.


If you think the first 18 months of the Obama Administration were an overreach, wait until after the Nov. 2 elections, said U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.
Congressional Democrats “plan to pass card check,” said Bachmann. “They plan to pass cap-and-trade. They plan to pass the mother of all omnibus spending bills. Why? Because they want to increase the baseline budgeting going forward. Everything that they didn’t get done now – now they’re getting nervous – including amnesty for illegal aliens…”
John Fund of The Wall Street Journal, in a piece titled, “The Obama-Pelosi Lame Duck Strategy,” compiled the statements of Democratic legislators who await a lame-duck session to push their agendas.
Bachmann said even if Republicans take control of the U.S. House of Representatives in the November elections, the Democratic leadership will go for broke.
“This will be their ultimate legislative session, a lame-duck session,” Bachmann said. “Meaning after the election, if they lose power, they’re going to have it all. Because remember, Congress is owned and the presidency is owned and it’s one-party rule. And they realize that their time is coming to a close. The realize it. Speaker Pelosi knows it. I have a Democratic colleague who told me that, that Speaker Pelosi knows in all likelihood she’s losing. They don’t care. The leadership, quite honestly, doesn’t care. That’s according to one of my Democratic colleagues. Because they recognize they worked as hard as they did to get the power they have right now, for a purpose. And they’re using it. Just like a madman, believe them when they tell you what they’re going to do. Listen to some of these individuals when they talk about the lame-duck session. They mean it.”


Mike Allen of Politico.com reports one reason President Obama failed to mention climate change legislation during his recent, Oval Office speech on the Gulf oil spill was that he wants to pass a modest energy bill this summer, then add carbon taxes or regulations in a conference committee with the House, most likely during a lame-duck session. The result would be a climate bill vastly more ambitious, and costly for American consumers and taxpayers, than moderate “Blue Dogs” in the House would support on the campaign trail. “We have a lot of wiggle room in conference,” a House Democratic aide told the trade publication Environment & Energy Daily last month.

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PostSubject: Re: The Kristi Noem-Stephanie Herseth Sandlin Race   Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:16 pm

The whole idea of "blue dog" or "moderate conservative" Democrat is one of the biggest political frauds ever perpetrated on the American people. Next to "global warming," it is arguably the biggest hoax since Woodrow Wilson's war to "make the world safe for democracy." Just as that war made the world safe for Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler — so too will Obamacare make America safe for those who would destroy our very existence as the most uniquely free nation on this earth.
In our center-right nation, blue dogs serve one purpose: to make Congress safe for Democrat control. Here's the way the sweet little racket works: Those pesky conservative-leaning congressional districts in Red State America are getting in the way of a Marxist America. So what to do?
No problem. Just send Rahm Emanuel out to recruit well-known "moderates" in those precincts to run for Congress as Democrats — but each as a "different" Democrat. They run as Democrats who are "pro-life" or "moderate" or even "conservative. In return, they are given to understand the moment they arrive in Washington that yes — Commissar Pelosi (even with her national popularity rating at an historic low of 11 percent) will give them permission to vote their district's conservative inclination until and unless she really, really needs their votes to push through her radical agenda. That's when they are expected to fold like cheap umbrellas at the crack of her whip.
That's when Stupak and his cohorts were corralled Sunday to cave in to worthless paper. Their votes were needed. As this column explained twice in the last week, the bravado and self-assurance the Dems exhibited to the public that the votes for Obamacare were in the bag was nothing but a head fake before the "blue dogs" finally fell into line. Dems did not have the votes — not until Sunday's White House Munich. Once again, the "blue dogs" did their duty as lapdogs and delivered for their boss in the White House. Yet again the "blue dog" miracle is pulled out of the magician's hat.
I'm willing to credit perhaps a half-dozen "blue dogs" as sincere "moderates." But even they are under relentless pressure to shed all principle when ordered by Commissar Pelosi. The message that sends? All blue dogs must be defeated in the next election. They are not to be trusted.


The Rush Limbaugh Show
July 12, 2010
Obama Regime Sets Up to Dump Disaster on GOP Congress in 2011
In the midst of a Democrat lame duck session where they are going to attempt -- John Fund had the piece last week in the Wall Street Journal -- where they're going to attempt to ram everything they can through Congress, get signed by Obama, before the new Congress takes effect. This is after they will have been rejected.
The Democrats, before they lose their seats, before they are sworn out of office, new Congress doesn't get sworn until January, in November and December, they're going to go (raspberry) to the whole country, and they'll do it happily to everybody who threw them out, "Okay, here's what we're going to do, you don't like us here, we're going to ram card check through; gonna ram cap and trade; we're gonna do all kinds of tax increases; we're gonna finalize this financial regulatory reform bill."
This is something that only a lame duck Congress could do, only a bunch of guys who have already been defeated who do not have to run for reelection, the only bunch of guys who could do it, that's gonna be the Democrats, so look for that to happen, too. Look also for all of your health benefits to be taxed as income. I mean everything is on the table, and everything the American left has wanted to tax, which is veritably everything, is gonna be on the table. (interruption) You don't think so?
Then here comes the lame duck session ramming through all of this rotgut that we talked earlier about, then here comes the Alan Simpson/Irksome Bowles debt commission report recommending the end of mortgage interest deductions, a VAT tax, all kinds of new taxes, maybe some spending cuts.
Add to that no improvement in the economy and, voila! Heh-heh-heh! Republicans assume control in January when things are gonna get worse because once January arrives we've got the Obama tax increases associated with health care and the sunset of the Bush tax cuts. So we have a tsunami, a potential tsunami of disastrous proportions waiting to become reality starting in January 2011, and the Republican Congress would be inaugurated right about the time all this stuff is kicking in, and they would be in power whenever anything and everything starts to get worse. Obama, as president, will be proposing fixes and solutions and of course will be anything but. They will be proposals to make things worse.
Riding to Obama's rescue will be the media, and the media will say, "He's trying. Poor old Obama. Look what he inherited from Bush. He only got two years to implement his stuff, and then the Republicans have taken control again, and the Republicans are road-blocking everything," which is what they've been saying these two years, or this year and a half.
I mean, I think the Democrats, Obama, might actually hope the Democrats lose so big that they might as well go for broke and get everything they can during the lame duck session and then with the help of our one-party media, all the things rammed through in the lame duck Congress will be blamed on the Republicans -- and if not that, when things go to hell in a handbasket starting in 2011, guess who's running the House, guess who's running Congress, guess who gets the blame for it? And that sets up Obama's reelection in 2012.


Voters don't expect that their representatives will turn from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde, taking positions at total odds with what they've stood for in the past and that helped them get elected in the first place.
Yet that is exactly what Reid seems to be counting on in a lame-duck session. He hopes that a group of Democrats from conservative districts who've just lost their seats will vote the straight Democratic line because they'll have nothing more to lose.
It's a truly frightening scenario: a lame-duck Democratic Congress passing tax hikes and new spending bills that the president will gladly sign -- the voters be damned.


October 18, 2010
The Hill reported over the weekend that Democrats plan to use the lame-duck session after the election to push through a massive omnibus spending plan, which in itself isn’t surprising since the Democrats failed to produce even a budget authorization before the start of the 2011 fiscal year, the first such failure in almost 40 years.
When the FY2011 budget finally gets produced by the last gasp of a Pelosi-controlled Congress, the Democrats will own every inch of it. They also will set up John Boehner as a spending hawk in the 112th as he and the GOP will do their best to defund big portions of a budget in which they have no stake, once the Republicans win control of the agenda in the House.
In a sense, it seems fitting that Pelosi and her leadership will spend their last days in power in the insular, dictatorial mode that gave them the shortest-lived House majority in fifty-five years.

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PostSubject: Re: The Kristi Noem-Stephanie Herseth Sandlin Race   Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:06 pm

The Rush Limbaugh Show
October 26, 2010
Confused Clifford on Reverse Operation Chaos and "Tyranny"
Luis Gutierrez of Illinois admitted it. The new arrivals on the Democrat side get dragged into Pelosi's office or the Speaker, and the riot act is read to them. "Okay, here's what's going to happen. You want to rise in prominence in this leadership? You want to get some fundraising outside your district? You want to get reelected? Here's what you gotta do: You gotta vote the way leadership tells you."
That's the way the Democrats run their shop. It's no different; the Republicans are going to run shop that way. Rahm Emanuel did that with the Blue Dogs in spades. The difference here is that the Tea Party are going to resist this.


Rapid City Journal
October 11, 2010
National Dems cut funding for Sandlin
Earlier this year, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had reserved $500,000 for advertising on Herseth Sandlin's behalf for the final two weeks before the election. But last week, the DCCC cut its reservation by around $150,000.
The DCCC still expects to spend around $350,000 in South Dakota and has provided other support for Herseth Sandlin's campaign.
Republicans jumped on the news of the DCCC cutback as evidence of Democratic troubles.
"I think what you're seeing here is the Democrats realizing this is a ruby-red state," said Tom Erickson, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee. "They're having to keep retreating to safer and safer districts throughout the country. I think they're realizing this is going to be a tough seat to hold with the Republican tsunami."
The DCCC released a statement from chairman Chris Van Hollen emphasizing the committee's continued support for Herseth Sandlin and not the change in spending.
"The DCCC has invested heavily in this race and remains fully committed to Stephanie Herseth Sandlin's campaign. She's been running an excellent effort, and the DCCC is working aggressively with her campaign," Van Hollen wrote in the statement.

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PostSubject: Re: The Kristi Noem-Stephanie Herseth Sandlin Race   

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The Kristi Noem-Stephanie Herseth Sandlin Race
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