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 The Electoral College: Duty and responsibility regarding Obama

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PostSubject: The Electoral College: Duty and responsibility regarding Obama   Tue Nov 11, 2008 9:23 am

I always wondered what the purpose of the Electoral College was. The following post came off of a forum called CountryFirst: Country First

The Constitution says the "Electors" from the states must certify to the Congress that the President-Elect is "qualified" per the very few but very specific qualifications "spelled out in the Constitution". One of those qualifications is that the person be a "natural born citizen". See what "The Federalist Papers" written by our founding fathers say about that process and WHY the Electors and Electoral College process was created in the first place in electing a President, i.e., to insure that only a fully qualified person per the Constitutionally stated qualifications was ever ratified and seated as President of the USA, if at some time in the future the popular vote would decide to elect a non-qualified person.

See section 3 of the 20th Amendment to our Constitution, especially the words "... if the President elect shall have failed to qualify ..." . Pursuant to the authority conferred upon it (Congress) by Sec. 3 of this amendment, Congress shaped the Presidential Succession Act of 1948 5 to meet the situation which would arise from the failure of both President elect and Vice President elect to qualify on or before the time fixed for the beginning of the new Presidential term. The key point is that the "President elect" must prove to the Electoral College, if challenged therein, that he is qualified under the Constitution to take office.

A more recent overview discussion as to why the framers of our Constitution decided to have Electors and an Electoral College in the first place instead of direct election of the President by the people of the United States. Our country is a republic made up of the united states, not a pure democracy. Few people understand that.

Barack Obama has not proven with any great degree of certainty, nor has he provided concrete witness based evidence contemporaneous with his birth, that he is a "natural born citizen" of the USA. And to the contrary, statements have been made in Kenya by Obama's relatives living there that he was born in Kenya while his mother was visiting his father there, and that his mother quickly returned to Hawaii shortly after his birth to register him as being born in Hawaii instead of Kenya to insure he would be considered an American citizen as he grew up. His being an American citizen was important to her despite her political disputes with the American system. She would have perpetrated this possible fraud to assure her son had American citizenship. She of course never knew when she did this that he would grow up some day and run for President. A citizen he may be under Hawaii law, but a "natural born citizen" of the USA under constitutional law is another matter. Only a certified true and correct "vault copy" of his original birth certificate, which shows and lists traceable witnesses and facts to his live birth in Hawaii, will prove to the American people that he was born in Hawaii. And Barack Obama has not provided that despite being asked repeatedly to provide it! See this website for more details on what he has provided and what he has not provided.
Peoples Passions
The founding fathers anticipated this possible day when the people may for whatever reasons elect a non-qualified person. Our Constitution will now really be tested. Is it really the governing law of our country or is it no longer worth the paper it is written on? Will the Supreme Court act or will it "punt" on this one for fear of civil disorder if they enforce the constitution? Will any Electors stand up and demand that Obama provide a certified "vault copy" of his birth certificate from the Hawaii archives showing witnesses that he indeed was naturally born in Hawaii, if such as document and evidence does exist? Obama should provide it if it exists. Will the Supreme Court order investigations in Kenya about the statements made by Obama's paternal grandmother there that Obama was born in Kenya? We are about to find out what our country really is.

Is it a Constitutional Republic democracy and is its Constitution the
supreme law of the land or not? U.S. Supreme Court Docket Number. Obama has until 1 Dec 2008 to
respond: Access Supreme Court Docket


Our citizens may be deceived for awhile, and have been deceived;
but as long as the presses can be protected,
we may trust to them for light.
- Thomas Jefferson
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The Electoral College: Duty and responsibility regarding Obama
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