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 Ortonville should place a freeze on increasing their budget!

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PostSubject: Ortonville should place a freeze on increasing their budget!   Sat Nov 29, 2008 4:39 pm

We most certainly may be at an economic crossroads and we should freeze our expenditures for one year.

Bush's attempts to create economic prosperity by building houses is nothing short of a fiasco and we should wait to see where the new bright light is going to be.

South Dakota has already announced that there will be a freeze.

People on fixed incomes need some relief in these hard times. Let's give them some relief before the SmileyCentral.com
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PostSubject: City of Ortonville freeze on increasing its budget   Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:46 am

An interesting comment. At the very least, it would be refreshing to have our city council and mayor initiate a process whereby each and every extraordinary expenditure that's already been budgeted would have to come before the council for final approval before it was made. Times are quite tenuous right now, especially when it comes to governmental financial situations. Minnesota's state revenue forecast is not very good...we'll see some final figures this Thursday, December 4th. If they hold to what's already been estimated, the state's revenues are going to be down quite a bit.

Our council needs to be more proactive with our money. It's convenient to claim that the city's budget for 2009 will not increase very much from 2008; however, when taken in context with county, school district, state, and federal increases...not to mention increases in cost of food, fuel, etc...it becomes an onerous burden, especially for those who are on limited incomes.
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Ortonville should place a freeze on increasing their budget!
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