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 The Unsung Heroes

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PostSubject: The Unsung Heroes   Fri Feb 06, 2009 8:55 am

It was August 4, 1984 and a fire had started in my home. I was severely burned with hot grease scalding my chest and arm. I yelled my call for help and the our dog came over and licked the hot grease off of me. She sat by my head as I cried out in pain. The first person on the scene was the local Police Department. Records indicated that it took 38 seconds for the officer to arrive. The local ambulance and fire department were all there. I remember and my respect continues to each of you who assisted that night. Including the police officer.

A few years later at a local establishment a women came into a bar and screamed "I am going to blow the sucker away." It was well known that she was mentally ill. In less than a minute Officer Meyer was on the scene and took care of a bad situation.

How many times I have been called because I left my doors open or needed assistance because I was locked in the building or locked out of the building. The local police department was there.

Each day in this community these officers serve the public. They do not produce income. They protect the public. They are the ones when there is a domestic that risk their lives.

They are the ones protecting our children from illegal drugs. They patrol daily by the school to insure the safety of our children.

Nobody knows better than I about micro-managing their actions. The truth of the matter is that a simple DWI often times takes 1-2 hours after the arrest, marking exhibits, completing reports and filing the reports with St. Paul.

They often times say nothing. They just do their jobs. They may not be perfect but they are honest and they are loyal. They are the first on the scene to an accident and they are the ones at 3:00 in the morning are called for the burglary.

These are the men that I respect and remember what they have done for me.

Remember an accident is unpredictable and I would not want anybody to go through what I have been through, but thanks for being there when I needed you.
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The Unsung Heroes
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