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 Guatanamo Bay Prisoners, Where?

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PostSubject: Guatanamo Bay Prisoners, Where?   Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:41 pm

I have thought long and hard about where do you put people who have such hatred and believe in a religious murder.

I thought may be Ortonville. They still have a police department. Then I thought we would have too many tourists who would want to see these vengeful men.

Then I thought maybe Fargo. Maybe their anger could be cooled by the ice chunks in the Red River.

Then I thought perhaps Kansas in the snowy desert of western Kansas.

Then it hit me. All they needed was a little love, a little understanding and someone they could communicate with.

It is all right there. One-fifth should be given homes next door to Ms. Pelosi who thinks they are no danger to society.

One fifth to Senator Reid who believes that we just need to teach these terrorists what freedom is all about.

One-fifth to Barnie Frank who speaks in so many circles and makes such little sense that perhaps he could drive these poor victims insane instead of us.

One-fifth to Secretary of State Clinton. It was her husband who shot one missile into a camel camp hoping to get Bin Laden and

One fifth to President Obama who believes he can talk anybody into anything given time. He will need a lot of time to talk sense into these men but he should be given every opportunity. If he is wasting his time on these men perhaps he will be too busy to hurt the rest of this country.
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Guatanamo Bay Prisoners, Where?
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