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 Ortonville to where & a hand basket....

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PostSubject: Ortonville to where & a hand basket....   Wed Apr 22, 2009 9:46 pm

I read all these posts & threads and wonder what the heck has happened to this town....the city atty doesn't appear to be paying his taxes, there appears to be a campaign to make the police dept to look bad & get rid of it before we know what hit us. Are we gonna be left with a Boss Hogg type city/county? Are we gonna be happy with the Boss Hogg thats in office?
Just seems all the decent people in the city office are getting the shaft. Who's next on their list? Who's gonna stop them? Did anyone help Char? No wonder Chief Hormann needed a lawyer...if I got a letter with the words "charges & allegations" on it...I would of figured I would of needed a lawyer. Here's a person who is being paid bukoo bucks --both the city atty & the city administrator---to do a job & it just seems our city just ends up looking like a joke! does anyone in the city office enjoy working with him? I still don't understand why there are more people in the city office now then when Char worked there? Can't Lang do the job? There are college educated people on the city council...aren't there? What beef do they have with the police dept?
We have a town that is barely surviving anyway...and what do we make the neighboring town papers for....that our city council brings petty stuff up to the chief and can't follow procedure...how cool is that? Kids who leave here...they don't come back...what jobs have been brought in? minimum wage? can't support a family on that.
Sad to see a few bad apples spoil the whole bushel. Lets hope the Independant doesn't bury the Police Comm. report. Mr.Hormann deserves better than that after all he's done for this city!
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PostSubject: What is going on!   Fri Apr 24, 2009 7:40 pm

I have just had an opportunity to review the videotape of both city council meetings and I am offended at first the attempts to back peddle the claims made by the document signed by the mayor. The letter says, "charges and allegations". Lang attempts to justify this letter by claiming this was a template and should be used in any employee reprimand. Wow! John Cunningham misrepresents and tries to claim that the words "charges" were not present and it should be complaints.

This group of men, Dave Lang and Blair Johnson with the support of Craig Ash put this family through a living hell. Wondering if their jobs were on the line. This politicizing of the charges was an absolute embarrassment to the entire area.

This meeting was called at the ninth hour forcing me to prepare for the hearing on Sunday, taking time from my family. Then the council joked about my fees. I did not see them working on Sunday.

These three men expect to be treated with respect, but yet they treat others with disrespect.

I feel sorry for the Horman's who were treated so badly by Mr. Lang. He should not be blindly trusted. Mr. Lang needs to be micro-managed, not the police department. Has the city council examined his e-mails to the League? Mayor you continue to be asleep at the wheel.
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Ortonville to where & a hand basket....
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