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 permaculture course being offered in Brookings June 4-June 14.

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PostSubject: permaculture course being offered in Brookings June 4-June 14.   Thu Apr 30, 2009 1:18 pm

There's a permaculture course being offered in Brookings you can read more about it at Glacial Lakes Permaculture on the net. I can answer a few questions about the subject. The idea of natural resource planning and environmental studies and sustainable living has been around the university setting for awhile. Permaculture is outside the university setting but very sound and is held to a standard by a copyright on the term "permaculture" held by Bill Mollison. There are some books out there and many projects credited to permaculturalists. I might go down there for the course, it's very intense and lasts 8 hours a day including the weekend so I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how to be gone from here for it. Otherwise the price is incredible. 800$ and it's a full course covering soils, water conservation, plant materials, construction, waste water treatment, etc. If you are interested in perennial crops and planning sustainable farms and cities this is for you! [url=http://glaciallakespermaculture.org/permaculture_design_courses_pdc]http://glaciallakespermaculture.org/permaculture_design_courses_pdc[/url] Karl Schmidt is an honest and smart guy with a day job, he's totally into this for real.
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permaculture course being offered in Brookings June 4-June 14.
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