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 manure as dry fertilizer

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PostSubject: manure as dry fertilizer   Thu May 07, 2009 2:31 pm

Finally an organic fertilizer made from manure that can run through a spreader , a seeder , be trucked long distances. All that without wasting one BTU of natural gas. Pretty good thinking. [url=http://www.EarthRenew]www.EarthRenew[/url]

This could reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer.

Noticed an article in Discover magazine about a Canadian company that is using natural gas to generate electricity, which they do where there's a lot of natural gas, and using the excess heat to dry and sterilize manure, manure from up to 25,000 cows. This converts the manure into a product like dry chemical fertilizer so it can more effectively be transported, stored, mixed with seed at planting time, etc. 25,000 cows is a whole county's worth of cows. This process makes that manure portable so farmers witout livestock can benefit. EarthRenew is also looking at using this process to sterilize and dry municipal waste- can't raise food with that but could use it for golf courses, etc. Beats dumping all that phosphorous into the rivers.
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manure as dry fertilizer
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