A place where Big Stone Lake (and surrounding) area citizens can discuss area news, events and matters of concern.
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Big Stone Lake Area
Community Forum Rules

General Posting

0: Do not use profanity, or the illusion of profanity, in your posts.

1: Before you post a new topic, do a forum search and
see if there is already a thread on the topic you
would like to discuss. If there is, please post in
that thread. We wish to avoid redundancy.
If two or more similar threads/posts are created, they
can/may be merged together under the same or a new title.

2: When posting, please try to use proper grammar and
spelling. This makes it easier for people to
understand you and minimizes chance for confusion.
Also do not post in IM/Chat speak.

3: No Griefing, which includes: Spamming,
Trolling, Flooding, Flaming.

4: If you are posting information, please make sure it
is factual and accurate. This is not a gossip forum.

5: Do not post links to sites that contain illegal
material or discuss where to obtain illegal material.
Discussions about how to perform activities that are
illegal in the US are also prohibited.

6: Do not post obscene and/or offensive material
 or links to websites
that promote it.

Social Etiquette and Community

1: Forum members should be addressed by
their forum ID as a matter of respect.

2: Do not attempt to impersonate another member of the
community or famous person either via name, forum
username, or *avatar. (*Fan avatars are allowed.)

3: Overall, use common courtesy at all times, and have fun!

Your signature

Your signature must adhere to all the rules stated above.

Liability Notice

These rules may be updated at any time and it
is your responsibility to keep checking back for
any changes.

We reserve the right to edit/update/change any
 part of this website at any time.
 (With the exception of posts submitted by users/members).

You remain solely responsible for the content of your
messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold us
harmless with respect to any claim based upon
transmission of your message(s). We reserve the right
to reveal your identity (or whatever information we
know about you) in the event of a complaint or legal
action arising from any message posted by you.