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 Note from a cop...what is happening in America?

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PostSubject: got this from a friend check it out!!!!   Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:45 pm

> > The city wants to get rid of the police department and this is how our nations officers see what we do not.....?
> >
> > Note From a Cop
> >
> > The fear on the street is palpable. Ever since the election of
> > Barack Obama as President of these United States in November 2008,
> > coupled with the election of a democrat party majority in both the U.S.
> > House and Senate, concern for the United States and personal safety has
> > ignited like a fire in dry grass.
> >
> > Sales of guns - black guns, rifles, shotguns and handguns
> > (particularly 9mm) everywhere, have gone through the roof. AR15s have
> > literally flown off of dealer shelves, and only now in the spring of
> > 2009, have I seen the display samples of ARs begin to reappear on the
> > wall of my favorite shooting emporium after the initial post election
> > rush.
> >
> > Manufacturers of ARs are still working to catch up and some of
> > the major suppliers are as much as 150,000 guns behind. Not only that,
> > ammo is in the shortest supply I have ever seen in the 43 years of my
> > shooting life. Have you recently tried to get 5.56mm, 9mm or even 380
> > ammo?
> >
> > Supplies of 5.56mm and 9mm ammo are in short supply due to the
> > black gun buying craze; .380ACP because of the rise in people getting
> > concealed carry permits and the resurgence of interest in convenient 380
> > handguns like the fine Ruger LCP. In fact, in doing a review of the
> > Ruger LCP, my gun store only had a small supply of ONE .380 round on
> > hand, the Winchesters 95-grain SXT, which they had just gotten in.
> > Unfortunately, I had to do a 30-round review of that pistol. There was
> > none other to be found.
> >
> > What is odd about this new fear is that it is not coming from
> > the average citizen gun owner out there, but it is coming from what to
> > me is an almost shocking source: street cops.
> >
> > Street cops and SWAT cops that I know from various agencies -
> > rural, suburban and metro - in my area are scared. Cops that before
> > November 2008 never gave much thought (that I knew of anyway) to
> > politics or more
> > importantly to gun rights. For the most part, these are the guys
> > that didn't generally have any interest in shooting or gun ownership
> > beyond keeping track of where their duty gun is, and a few of them
> > didn't even do that so well.
> >
> > The guys I am talking about now are some of the same guys who
> > used to not even carry off duty on a regular basis- but not anymore.
> > They don't scare easily, defenders of the Constitution of this State and
> > the United States (as our oath of office reads), have been buying ARs,
> > survival gear, and all the ammo they can lay their hands on. All of them
> > (or I should say "us") have been discussing and have been acquiring guns
> > to provide a layered perimeter defense.
> >
> > What are we suddenly so afraid of? Well in our discussions it
> > seems to boil down to four areas.
> >
> > First, fear of federal government intrusion into our lives.
> > Every time I look at or listen to the news, there is something new and
> > intrusive coming out of the Obama administration and this Congress. New
> > tax schemes, government-run Canadian-style healthcare, a volunteer
> > citizen defense force (whatever that is, what happened to the National
> > Guard?) equipped with funding similar to our military, forced voluntary
> > "service" after retirement, a lack of a southern border with hordes of
> > illegal and criminal aliens pouring over our border, the swine flu scare
> > as well as government forced closing of thousands of privately held
> > Chrysler and GM dealerships, which will be the final nail in the coffin
> > for these companies and the list goes on and on.
> >
> > But these items in the news are just the tip of the iceberg. We
> > can't see the full impact of these actions yet, but we don't know what
> > was added into the thousand of pages of stimulus package bills in the
> > dead of night yet. I predict however that when the plans contained in
> > the stimulus packages go into effect, a lot of us are going to be
> > surprised if not shocked by what has suddenly and sweepingly changed.
> >
> > What also scares us is the second, well-founded fear that there
> > is an assault weapons ban looming, one that would make the Clinton Ban
> > appear like a look of disdain in comparison. I remember well the 1990s
> > and the Clinton years: the rise of militia groups, the "black
> > helicopter" rumors and paranoia, all of which was motivated by the Brady
> > Law and the Assault Weapon's ban. What if a new ban comes requiring
> > registration or confiscation and turn-in of banned weapons as what
> > happened in Australia?
> >
> > ...I foresee much civil disobedience coming down the road.
> > Americans are citizens, and not subjects like the British, Canadians or
> > Australians. They just don't always obey the law blindly and not one
> > officer or citizen that I spoke to said anything like "I hope I get to
> > keep this gun for awhile before they are banned; They are fun to shoot,
> > so I would hate to give it up." It isn't going to happen, so the cop on
> > the street and the soldier on the base needs to think now what he will
> > do if the orders come down. I think you all get what I am saying here.
> >
> > Which leads me to the third fear, that there is a revolution
> > coming, yes, a revolution on the scale of the original American
> > Revolution. You can hear this topic discussed on many of the talk radio
> > shows by even the big name hosts. The possibility of an armed revolution
> > against the U.S. government being discussed, albeit very gingerly and
> > fleetingly and as something to be avoided, which it is. I never heard
> > this mentioned in the 90s. One of my quietest, low profile officer
> > friends brought it up the other day.
> >
> > He said that at some point in the near future, he felt there is
> > going to be an armed revolt if things keep going the way they are.
> > Something has got to give. I was shocked. Yes, I had heard this from
> > some of my more radical cop friends in the past, but to hear it from a
> > guy like this was unprecedented. Now, these guys are not saying this
> > will happen to foment revolution, preach sedition or to even
> > participate.. They just want to be ready if it happens, to at least
> > defend their families, because number four on the fear list is general
> > societal chaos.
> >
> > Cops fear for their parents, wives, children or grandchildren
> > more now than ever before. Most cops are encouraging their spouses and
> > loved ones to get concealed carry permits. Not only that, but some of
> > these same cops are buying gun mounts for their personal cars so they
> > can carry an AR in the family ride at the ready all the time.. They are
> > also strapping on heavier forms of off-duty hardware. I have other
> > friends that are issued ARs or subguns for tactical team use, who always
> > have their gear with them and are planning on just commandeering these
> > weapons for personal use in defending hearth and home.
> >
> > Final Notes
> >
> > This is pretty heady and maybe even dangerous stuff. Know fully
> > that I am not advocating anything here. I am reflecting to you what I
> > see and hear going on around me, and maybe saying things that haven't
> > been said in the open, until now. It is something to think about.
> >
> > Written By; Scott Wagner is a Police Academy Commander and
> > Professor at Columbus State Community College in Columbus Ohio, and
> > Commander of the 727 Counter Terror Training Unit. A 29 year law
> > enforcement veteran, and current Deputy Sheriff, he is the Precision
> > Marksman for the Union County Sheriff's Office SRT Team.
> >
> >
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Note from a cop...what is happening in America?
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