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 Motion to approve McCloud St bid dies.

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PostSubject: Motion to approve McCloud St bid dies.   Fri Aug 07, 2009 2:00 pm

Public notice is hereby given that
Ortonville City Council
Will hold a Special Meeting
For the Purpose of:
1. Consider Approval of Sanitary Sewer Forcemain Improvements along
Big Stone Lake & Utility Improvements on McCloud Street
2. Consider Approval of a Cost Of Living Adjustment for Employees for
the 2010 Budget
3. Consider Approval of an Increase in the Medical Insurance Allowance
for Employees for the 2010 Budget
4. Consider Accepting a Big Stone Lake Area Chamber of Commerce
Offer to Pay a Portion of the Costs of an Electrical Board for Cornfest
& Special Events
5. Consider Accepting a Big Stone Lake Area Chamber of Commerce
Offer to Pay a Portion of the Costs to Transport Two Electrical
Generators for Cornfest 2009
At 6:00 PM On Monday, August 10, 2009
at the
City Office Meeting Room
315 Madison Avenue
Ortonville, MN
No Other Business Will Be
Transacted At This Meeting
The City of Ortonville complies with the ADA. Individuals with disabilities who require special
aids should contact City of Ortonville, 217 NW Third Street, Suite 101, Ortonville, MN.
56278, 320-839-3428, 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting. Any other information
concerning this meeting, please contact City Administrator David Lang or Deputy Clerk Judy
Roberts at the Ortonville City Hall.
Posted: 08.07.09
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PostSubject: Re: Motion to approve McCloud St bid dies.   Mon Aug 10, 2009 9:08 pm

Item 2.) At the Special City Council Meeting, the motion died to accept the bid for the proposed McCloud Street Sanitary Sewer Forcemain Improvements and Curb and Gutter.

Tom Dorry, Bob Meyer, and Bill Powell voted nay.

Blair Johnson, Nick Cunningham, Craig Randelman, and Steve Berkner all voted to approve and the motion passed with the majority votes but they needed 4/5 votes to carry it and therefore the motion died.

Item 3 & 4) The Council considered the Approval of a Cost of Living Adjustment for Employees for the 2010 Budget. There were some city employees in attendance who voiced their opinions. The Council respectfully listened to their concerns and answered their questions. The Council took no action and refered the matter to the budget committee.

Item 5)The Council discussed the matter of having the Chamber of Commerce pay for the parts for an electric board that could be used for special events. The Chamber was requesting that the city provide the labor to build the board. This board would save the Chamber from having to pay to rent one for numerous events. There was some discussion as to who would own the board when it was complete. The council voted to approve.

Item 6) The Chamber of Commerce was asking the City of Ortonville to pay for the transportation of two electrical generators for the Cornfest from Sioux Falls. It would cost $900.00 to transport the generators and the Chamber was offering to pay $400.00 of that. The concensus of the council seemed to be that the Chamber should be responsible for that cost. There was no motion and the measure died.
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Motion to approve McCloud St bid dies.
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