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 Building permits in Ortonville. Which way is up?

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Lady Hawk

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PostSubject: Building permits in Ortonville. Which way is up?   Tue Jul 14, 2009 8:18 pm

Some officials in Ortonville decided that the building laws needed to be enforced and so they advertized to the public starting last September. They didn't train the city employees how to work with the new laws or how to explain them to the public. People come in to get the permits and are sent back two or three times before they finally get them. Everyone is confused, the public and the employee.

This is so confusing that now the city wants a woman to tear down her deck. They are asking this AFTER she was told to finish it by Vicki Oakes. Vicki Oakes emailed her and told her to go ahead and finish the deck. If the city didn't want the deck because it wasn't in compliance then Vicki should have told her to take it down not to go ahead and finish it. By Vicki Oakes telling her to go ahead and finish it implies approval of the city. No wonder peope are confused. A city employee tells you to do it and then you are ordered to take it down? confused

Vicki defended her actions at the Planning and Zoning meeting by stating that this was a day care and she was concerned that the deck wasn't finished and it wasn't safe for children. That excuse doesn't fly. If the deck wasn't in compliance then what Vicki should have told her was to stop the work and not to allow any children on the deck since it wasn't safe. You can't give people mixed messages. This woman was told to finish it.

What is Vicki Oakes doing with building permits anyway? I thought she was EDA? What does building permits have to do with the EDA? The bulding permits should be coming out of the city office not the EDA. No wonder people are confused. scratch


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PostSubject: Not the first time   Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:25 am

How does one comment to this? It seems this isn't the first time that a building permit was given then told no, you can't do it. Wonder if this person would be able to get the building permit money back if they tear it down? This should be a very good lesson to anyone who lives in Ortonville that if you want to do anything to your house, even maintainance you are going to need a permit, then told no you can't do it after spending all that money for permits, lumber, etc.
Hmmm, makes a person wonder when the city is going to make residents in Ortonville buy permits to plant flowers or trees in their yards/gardens. Maybe that's in the near future.
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Building permits in Ortonville. Which way is up?
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