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 Is National Agricultural Policies Eliminating the Family Farm

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PostSubject: Is National Agricultural Policies Eliminating the Family Farm   Mon Aug 10, 2009 8:03 pm

Yesterdays Argus-Leader reports that the Obama policies are going to include penalties for those farmers who use oil products and rewards for no till farming. This include coupons for those who use no till farming practices. Speculators will use the coupons to create almost a new currency.

We also may be seeing the last corn fest and this could easily be the last year you see corn, tomatoes and other farm products sold in farmers markets and in roadside stands.

Obama believing that the government inspections can prevent e-coli and other contaminated foods has urged the stoppage of the sale of non-federally inspected produce.

The one positive side of this fiasco is that perhaps farmers can obtain federal jobs as inspectors. We will need more inspectors and they may as well be the people who the government put out of business.

By the way, I cannot remember the last sale of produce sold at a farmers market that created massive food poisoning to the consumer, but the government will rescue us all from a problem that does not seem to exist.

You have to be a politician to believe that these policies are needed. Perhaps we need more inspectors for the tuna sold in this country by the Pelosi clan.

How come these politicians families evade inspections and minimum wage laws but force the rest of us to comply.
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Is National Agricultural Policies Eliminating the Family Farm
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