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 Etthics in Local Government. Do We Really Have Good Ethics?

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PostSubject: Etthics in Local Government. Do We Really Have Good Ethics?   Thu May 06, 2010 7:38 am

The purpose of this post is not to create controversy or point fingers. The purpose is to make all of us in both states think about what we are doing.

The League of Municipalities has established the model ethical code for those in government.

On the Grant County side of the border, the Commissioners and citizens should elect those who have promoted good government and vote against those who did not meet these standards, especially in the CAFO issue.

In Ortonville we need to promote these values to make government better. Many decisions that are made are self serving but may not promote Ortonville as a whole.

Here are some excerpts from the Leagues Model Ethical Standards:

Value examples/expressions
1.]I serve the public interest. In practice this value means that:
a. I provide courteous, equitable, and prompt service to everyone.
b. I am attuned to, and care about, the needs and issues of citizens, public officials, and city workers.
c. I am interested, engaged, and responsive in my interactions with constituents.
d. I recognize and support the publicís right to know the publicís business.

2. I fulfill the duties and responsibilities of holding public office. In practice this value means that:
a. I observe the highest standards of integrity in my official acts and undertake my responsibilities for the benefit of the greater public good.
b. I faithfully discharge the duties of my office regardless of my personal considerations, recognizing that the public interest is my primary concern.
c. I uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Minnesota and carry out impartially the laws of the nation, state, and municipality and thus foster respect for all government.
In a recent meeting many people spoke on behalf of a city employee. This party had done well for some. However good government is not getting along with people in the same fish bowl. Good government gets along and treats your enemies with respect.

The question of the day should be for all of us, should be, can we get along with someone of a different race and a different culture? The question for all of us should be, can we get along with someone who things outside of our fish bowl?

I am seeing signs that this can be done. Let's continue to move in this direction.
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Etthics in Local Government. Do We Really Have Good Ethics?
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