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 Does the Ortonville City Council control the Chamber through Vicki Oakes?

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PostSubject: Does the Ortonville City Council control the Chamber through Vicki Oakes?   Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:09 am

At a recent public meeting, people in the room were asked to state their name and who they were. In her turn Vicki Oakes stated her name and said. "The City of Ortonville."

At the previous months meeting when people were in a discussion someone asked what the Chamber would think. At that point all eyes turned on Vicki Oakes. Vicki stated that she didn't work for the Chamber and couldn't answer the question. Again during the conversation a woman had a question about the chamber and she turned directly to Vicki and asked her to answer the question. Vicki again denied that she worked for the Chamber and couldn't answer their question. I was waiting for the cock to crow the third time.

At the first meeting mentioned above when the question came up how much would it cost to be a member of the Chamber Vicki Oakes immediately got on her cell phone and called Donnette of the Chamber to get the answer. She can speed dial her? No connection?

Recently Vicki Oakes made a new city web policy excluding allowing a public forum from being linked to the City of Ortonville AFTER this website had made the request. Vicki Oakes then went to the Big Stone Lake Area Chamber, before the City Council even met, and influenced the Chamber to remove the link of this website from the Chambers website business section.

Yo ho ho the Chamber and a Bottle of Rum

Vicki Oakes has no connection to the Chamber? Take a look at the meetings listed above. Why would thirty people turn and look at Vicki Oakes when a question is asked about the Chamber? No one prompted those people to look. Does everyone else know something that Vicki Oakes doesn't?

Donnette stated to me recently that the Chamber can't say anything against the city because "they do so much for us." So does the City Council control the Chamber? City Administrator David Lang stated at a City Council meeting that Vicki Oakes acted personally when she went to the Chamber and had this website pulled. Is David Lang a credible witness? Didn't David Lang also write the new web policy with Vicki Oakes? Didn't David Lang also feed information to Artie Arndt who attacked this website?

Is the City of Ortonville using the Chamber to strong arm a business?


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but as long as the presses can be protected,
we may trust to them for light.
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Does the Ortonville City Council control the Chamber through Vicki Oakes?
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