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 Chief Horman submits retirement notice.

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PostSubject: Chief Horman submits retirement notice.   Thu Apr 30, 2009 7:08 am

Chief of Police Curtis Horman has submitted his intent to retire from the force at the end of May, 2009.

Mr. Horman has been a dedicated public servant for over 20 years and has an excellent public servant record.

It is well known to the public that Mr. Horman successfully backed his officer in a scathing and unfounded attack by a city councilmen a few years ago and this councilmen was later prosecuted successfully for other issues.

Mr. Horman was most recently was cleared of any wrongdoing by a police commission who thoroughly investigated false allegations of "charges".

This city council and city clerk have long not supported a local law enforcement and the city clerk recently refused to assist in obtaining a grant for the department. This despite the fact that the city clerk is also the EDA director and has assisted other departments in obtaining grants.

The Horman family are life time residents and well respected members of the community. The decision to retire and leave this area is a major loss to the community.

The Forum staff and writer have significant respect for the Chief and his family.

Even the way he parts with this community is a method that demonstrates his respect for the citizens of the community. He could tell us more, but has chosen to say nothing.

Good Luck in your new endeavors.
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PostSubject: Retirement   Fri May 01, 2009 5:58 pm

policeman I wish Chief Horman and his family good luck in the future. I do hope he continues to be a part of this community in some way. We do not need to loose more citizens!

Whatever the circumstances for his retirement, I do hope he is leaving on his own terms and was not 'forced' out.

So what will become of the Ortonville Police Department now?

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PostSubject: Council panel   Sat May 09, 2009 10:19 am

At the council meeting, they set up a panel to look into the items Chief Hormann listed and to try to find out why there is such a conflict between the police department and the city. I think this panel needs to look into the relationship of ALL city departments and the city office as to why there is such discord among the city employees. They use to like to come to work and enjoyed their jobs, now it just isn't fun anymore. Why is that? I think it is time the citizens of Ortonville speak up at council meetings, not just in the coffee shops. Go to where your voice can be heard. Ortonville is a great town and they have lots of assets, let's not lose that over who is in control of the city. Please speak up to those who can make a difference. If enough speak up, they will take notice and have to act. Let's make Ortonville NICE again!
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PostSubject: Re: Chief Horman submits retirement notice.   Sun May 10, 2009 3:34 am

As difficult as it is to suffer poor civil servants, it's harder to find strong, positive leaders to step up and take the reins. Not because they aren't out there, but because they need support and encouragement to rise above their own humility and lead. Once in those roles, they need the support of the people to counter the more thankless parts of the job.
So that's a call for people to do two things -- find good leaders who can step up, and stand beside them when they do.
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PostSubject: Re: Chief Horman submits retirement notice.   

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Chief Horman submits retirement notice.
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